Paul and Timothy greet the saints and faithful brethren in Colosse. They constantly thank God for the Colossians’ transformed lives: ever since Epaphras showed them how to walk with Christ, they have been fruitful. Thus, they keep asking God to reveal His will to them so that their walk will be fully pleasing to Him. They want them to thank God who qualified them to partake of the saints’ inheritance. He has delivered them from Satan’s darkness and placed them in the Kingdom of His Son, in whom they have redemption through His blood. He is the very image of God, Creator, Sustainer, and over ALL THINGS. God wanted ALL that He is to dwell in Him and by Him to reconcile ALL THINGS to Himself through the blood of His cross, including those who were His enemies so that He could present them blameless. But they have to stay grounded in the Gospel. And Paul is glad to suffer for Christ on behalf of the Church. This was the ministry God gave him, specifically to reveal the mystery that Christ would also dwell in the Gentiles. This is who Paul preaches with all wisdom so that every man may be perfect in Christ. This is why Paul labors so hard with the mighty strength of Christ.

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