Since we’re now so one with Jesus that wherever He is we are—including heaven, in God, or His Second Coming—we’re supposed to think and do as He does. Therefore, we must not behave like our old sinful selves, fornicating, blaspheming, and lying. That’s not who we are anymore; we’ve taken that self off and have put on a New Man who was created by Christ where no trace of our old self belongs because the New Man is Christ: He’s all of us and in all of us. Instead, (1) we must cloth our new self with the utmost care and concern for others, (2) God’s peace should rule us, and (3) everything Jesus said about life should be our heart’s desire so that we can show each other how to live, including correcting each other when necessary. In fact, everything we say and do must be done as if Jesus personally sent us to do it. That is, Jesus’ attitude and view of life should be present in all our relationships, whether family, friends, or work. All this will lead us to thank God the Father through Him.

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