Paul always thanks God for the Philippians because they stood by him from the very beginning—in prison and in his fight for the Gospel, thus, he loves them and longs to see them again. He’s also confident that God will complete His good work in them, so he prays that God will give them a deeper understanding of love so that they will be sincere and without offense as they bear Christ’s fruits of righteousness. He also wants them to know that God has used every terrible thing that’s happened to him to advance the Gospel: it has reached many and many are now preaching Christ. And even though some do it from envy and strife, Paul rejoices because Christ is being preached. Paul is also confident that he will not suffer shame but will magnify Christ whether he lives or dies because for Paul to live is Christ, and to die is gain. However, he knows that God will deliver him so he can continue advancing the Philippians’ faith in the Lord. Meanwhile, Paul wants their lives to reflect the Gospel, for them to work together without fear of their enemies because God has not only given them the privilege of believing in Christ but also of suffering for Him, just as Paul is now suffering.

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