Many people live lives of quiet desperation, others in loud, screaming desperation, still others
in apathy: there are problems in their jobs, marriages, and families and it’s been that way for
years. But since they believe there’s nothing they can do about it, they accept their fate and
suffer in silence. Others can’t help but say something; their anger bubbles over every time
they’re confronted by one of their problems. They’re not going to go quietly, so year after year
they scream and yell. But nothing ever changes; the screaming only makes things worse.
They’ve accepted their fate but very loudly. Then there are others who’ve lost their taste for
life. They’ve learned that life can be brutal and if you let it get to you, it only hurts you more.
So they opt out; they refuse to let life make them cry or laugh. Life becomes meaningless.
They’re just making time, waiting to die. What if you could live, truly live? What if you truly
enjoyed the good times and learned from the bad times?

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