Paul wants the Ephesians—who are walking marvelously with Christ—to praise God the Father for
every blessing He gave them due to their eternal union with Christ, i.e., for (1) choosing them in
Christ before He created the world, (2) deciding previously to adopt them into His family, (3) forgiving
all their sins, (4) revealing His mystery plan about His Son reigning over the universe, (5) giving
them part of His Son’s future inheritance, (6) sealing them inside Jesus, (7) guaranteeing their future
inheritance, and (8) giving them His Holy Spirit to show them exactly how their relationship with the
Father and Son works, which includes understanding: (a) the hope of God calling them [out of a
dead world], (b) the glorious inheritance God has for them, (c) that God’s infinite power works on
their behalf, and (d) that His Son—who has ALL THINGS under His feet—is their leader, guide, and

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