Jewish and Gentile believers used to be dead in sin, walking in all manner of sin, following after
Satan, the Pied Piper of this world’s disobedient and wicked behavior. But God, who is rich in mercy
and love, when we were dead in sin, saved us by grace, never once asking anything from us except
simple faith. That is, He gave us part of His Son’s life, resurrection, and position so that we who are
forever united to His Son would walk in the good works He prepared for us. Thus, Gentile believers
should remember that they were once completely alienated from God’s people Israel, God and
Christ. But now in Christ, they’ve been brought near by the blood of His Son. For Jesus is their
peace, He’s brought Jewish and Gentile believers together in Himself creating one new man from
the two, reconciling them both to God in one Body. This gave them both access to God the Father
by one Spirit. Therefore, Gentile believers are no longer strangers but members of God’s family
who’ve been built on the foundation whose chief cornerstone is Jesus Christ, in whom they are both
being built together into a holy temple as a dwelling place for God by means of His Spirit.

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