[In light of everything God’s done for us through our permanent union with His Son Jesus Christ, in other words, when we were completely dead and following after Satan God saved us by grace, i.e., He united us to His Son’s life, resurrection, and royal position. Where Jews and Gentiles were once enemies, God has now united us together in Christ. This gave us intimate access to God the Father through His Spirit, who is now building us together in Christ into a holy temple where God, Himself, will dwell] Paul interrupts his prayer to give the Ephesians further details about the ministry God gave him as the apostle to the Gentiles: God personally revealed to Paul that the Gentiles would be heirs with Christ, part of His Body, and partakers of God’s promise in Christ through the Gospel. And He wanted Paul to reveal this to all, especially Satan and his minions, to show them how incredible God’s genius is that He would create the Church [out of humans—Jews and Gentiles] in His Son, Jesus Christ. This would give humanity bold and confident access to God Himself. As Paul resumes his prayer, he asks God the Father to strengthen the Ephesians through His Spirit with mighty inner strength so that Christ may dwell in their hearts, so that they would be able to experience Christ’s love four dimensionally, so that ultimately God would fill them with ALL His fullness. And since God the Father is able to [accomplish this incredible feat of bringing us into personal relationship with Him and His Son] which is beyond anything we could ever ask or imagine, all the glory we can produce through the power of Christ should go to Him forever and ever. Amen.

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