[Since God has called you into His family by making you one with His Son—which makes you like
Jesus in many crucial ways: you’re God’s child, you’ll reign over creation, God’s power works on
your behalf, and God dwells in you which means His Spirit will guide, protect, and strengthen you as
you fully experience Christ’s love, all of which will leave you filled with God’s fullness] your life should
be godly, it should look like Jesus’ because you and He are now one. That’s why He gave you a
crucial role to play in His Body to nourish and mature you into Himself. This will protect you from
Satan’s cunning and deceptive ways. Therefore, you shouldn’t live like you used to when your
thinking was blind and alienated from God’s life. That’s not you anymore; Christ has taught you the
truth: you’re no longer part of the corrupt Old Man; you’re part of God’s holy and righteous New Man.
So, since you’ve put away Satan’s lie, you must continually live Christ’s truth: you must be like Him
in every way, in how you deal with anger, in your fight against Satan, in your response to the needy,
in your speech, and in your concern and forgiveness of others.

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