. Jesus Christ, Paul commands children who are united to Christ—“in the Lord”—to obey their
parents because that’s how children who are in Christ are supposed to behave, 6:1. Paul
commands slaves to obey their human masters with the same respect and sincerity they would
Christ, not like those who make an impression only when the master’s around, but like slaves of
Christ instead of slaves of men, who willingly and from their heart do what God wants, knowing
that the Lord will reward them accordingly whether they’re slaves or not, 6:5-8. Paul commands
masters to do likewise, i.e., they’re to give up threatening and treat their slaves properly, knowing
that their Master’s in heaven and He doesn’t show favoritism, 6:9. Paul commands the
Ephesians to allow themselves to be strengthened by their position in Christ, from the power of
His might, 6:10. Paul commands the Ephesians to clothe themselves with the whole armor of
God (Christ) so that they can stand against the Devil’s scheming, 6:11. The Ephesians need to
take up the whole armor of God (Christ) so they will be able to withstand and stand in the evil
day; they therefore need to put on truth, righteousness, Gospel, faith which will quench all of
Satan’s fiery arrows, salvation, the Word of God, as they pray constantly and diligently by means
of Christ’s Spirit for their needs and the needs of others, 6:13-18. Paul sends peace and love
with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to the Ephesians, 6:23. Paul wishes
grace upon all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ, 6:24

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