How do you recover from a hopeless and depressing situation? There you are, no job and
every interview you’ve been on ended in, “We’ve decided to hire someone else.” You can’t
pay your rent so you’re about to lose your home. Then you lose your apartment and now
you’re living out of your car. How do you even begin to come back from this? Or perhaps
you have a great job, i.e., it pays great. There’s only one problem, you hate it and you can’t
find another job that pays the same. And if you take a lesser job, you won’t be able to fulfill
your financial obligations: mortgage, car payments, college tuitions, and on, and on. You’re
stuck and miserable. Is there any way out of these situations? How can we find the life we
were meant to live, even if we’ve been living the wrong one for twenty years?

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