[In light of Paul asking the Philippians to join together in laying down their lives for the Gospel
as Paul is now doing from prison] the Philippians need to tap into every resource they have in
Christ so that they can have the same selfless mind that Christ had: He set aside His divine
glory and become a lowly man, a slave who gave up His life in a brutal death which is why
God exalted Him above every name. At His name everyone will bow and confess that Jesus
Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Therefore, the Philippians need to work out their
own salvation as Paul and Christ did by leaning on God; He will enable them to be blameless
lights who shine in a perverse world. And if they die in the process as Paul might, he wants
them to rejoice. Finally, Paul points to two others who laid down their lives for the Gospel and
whom the Philippians will see shortly: Timothy worked alongside Paul in the Gospel and is
now going to care for the Philippians. Epaphroditus personally ministered to Paul providing
what the Philippians could not and almost died in the process of serving Christ.

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